A Passing Fancy?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Every time we fly I hear:  
"We are NEVER EVER going anywhere again"
Every time we fly, I think it will be different.
Here's the thing. 
Flying with kids isn't so bad - I believe you have to have the right supplies and they have to be the right age
and you have to understand that it will be the most miserable flight of your life. 
Set your expectations really really LOW and it *might* be OK.
You may loose a husband
Chalk it up to Collateral Damage
Here is what I have learned:
The perfect time: 0 - 9 months
They are stuck in a car seat, most likely still nursing or taking a bottle and not walking.
They sleep a lot.
You just might be able to sleep.
or read that book.
The worst time: 12 months - 2 1/2 years old
They do not listen, typically no longer in a their own car seat or strapped down.
This means YOU have to hold them down
have arms of steel
They want to go "outside", they want to climb, scream, walk, they have no attention span, and basically are a squirming ball of wet noodle for the duration of the flight
unless they happen to pass out from exhaustion.
or benadryl. shhhhh.
You need enormous amounts of patience
Forget any books or magazines
Ignore all those around you.
or bribe them, the other passengers, with treats before the flight
The next stage is around 21/2
They sort of understand reason and can sit through 30 minute TV Shows
Get an iPad and download kid friendly apps
however remember there will be moments when they NEED something you don't have
like the only toy you forgot to pack
So you still need the right supplies.
This past Christmas, we started off great - on time, lines were short, then we got to security
Nicky would not take off his shoes
So he started screaming
at 7 am in the airport
So I did what every Mother does
I acted on instinct 
and grabbed some blue latex security gloves
simple. done. No more crying.
We sailed through security, the flight, and for once we conquered the art of flying with kids.
what did I know.... 
The reason I tell you this story is that 3 months later
I thought the gloves would be a Passing Fancy 
Nope...not even close.
So....we actually have THOUSANDS of gloves in our house
The accompany Nicky to school, parties, car rides, bath time, bedtime, and playtime
They are Vinyl, latex, latex-free, powder free, blue, purple, and white ones
We have stopped at every gas station in Austin begging for gloves
every restaurant graciously heeds our request
we accept the strange looks
every box at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart  
have been scrutinized, smelled, 
and "Nicky Tested"
His favorite happen to be the ones from School
he asks for 2 every day
finally I asked for a box to keep in his cubby
They obliged. 
But they didn't stay in his cubby

It's. Not. A. Passing. Fancy.


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