3 and A Half

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Last night, the door bell rang and Nicky {and Brandon} rushed to answer it. Dan and I followed. 2 of the neighbor kids, Ruby and Tate, were standing there, and they asked if Nicky and Brandon can come out to play. The happiness that crossed over Nicky's face was apparent and both Brandon and he whooped and hollered as they put their shoes on, grabbed their scooters and tricycles, and went out to play. I think Dan and I were more excited than they were.

While we were out there, I watched Nicky fall of his scooter and bang his knee and finger pretty hard. I ran over, but even before I got there, he was telling me he was OK, brushing himself off, telling me his is a big boy - and finally, no mom I cant see his knee to kiss it.

I saw him shaking a bit,  holding back tears, and standing tall. so I stayed where I was and
I watched him GROW UP.
But I know even when he is 30, I will still run to him, ready to kiss him better.

Today Nicky is three and a half...in six months he will be FOUR. {oh. my. god.}
Three and a half years since my life changed forever.
Since I met my first little Adventure.
Since I became a mommy.
Since I fell madly in love with a little boy named Nicholas.


Brooke said...

Hmm, Ruby and TAte sure do get around...without telling their mom. I guess they must think THEY'RE all grown up. I LOVE the neighborhood this year and that the kids have cul-de-sac buddies!!!

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