OTBTN - 2 week Update

Thursday, November 10, 2011

So the sleep training has been going ok. 
For once I feel like I have some control back over my nights
I feel comfortable leaving Dan at home for a night out after 7pm
because I know at least 1 or 2 of the boys are already asleep.
It's still sporadic and we have some bad nights
but its mostly been a huge change in the positive for us
However, the time change has screwed us
the boys have been getting up at 6/630 instead of 7/730
It get lighter so much earlier in the am, but the darkness at night has helped with the bedtime
so a trade off I guess.
Another hard part is the routine..
It's hard to consistently have dinner ready every night by 6
Luke bathed and in bed by 630
Boys in the bath at 645
We had a couple of set backs this past week
so I wrote to our sleep consultant and this is what she had to say

Wanted to check in with you on a couple things.

1.       Luke was doing so well. Sleeping from 7 to about 5 am. Then I would feed him and he would sleep till about 8. Now he is up 2-3 times a night screaming (what I think is in pain and arching his back.) He will cry for about 45 minutes. By then I go in and feed him and try to soothe him. Would you suggest to let him still cry? Maybe he is teething? Growth spurt? Upset with new foods being introduced?Is he 7 months now?  How much does he weigh?  Without those answers, I'd advise you to let him fuss/cry!  Most kids start waking multiple times in the night at this age b/c they are ready to go 12 hours.  I've seen this many times over the years-there just comes a point when they need food less in the night and more sleep (when the one feeding starts to disrupt their entire night).  I'd say no more feeding!!!

If teething (is he?  you know signs/symptoms?), give motrin 8 hour (infant) and he should be fine all night.  Other options--Hylands teething tablets.  Try to comfort him as much as possible during the day by massaging gums, teething tabs, teething toys, Sassy teething sack or teething crackers to help reduce inflammation.  Most kids don't wake b/c of teething that many times in the night.

I doubt it's tummy upset.
2.       Since the day light savings change, Brandon has been getting up at 6 am. He sits there yelling. Should we still leave him until 7?Yes, bed at 7pm and not up before 7am.  Was he sleeping a full 12 hours before the change?  If yes, then he needs 12.  So, leave him.  He'll eventually fall into the new time.
3.       Nicky – for the last 4 days has been coming downstairs around 4 – 5am to sleep in bed with us. He has NEVER slept with us, never come down by himself, and never just slept in bed with us even if we are tired on a weekend. He says he is surprising us and is so happy. Hugging and kissing us. Like he found a way to surprise us  - it’s cute, and we sleep, but I worry that this could spiral out of control. I keep reminding him that he has to stay in his room until its light.Yes, this is soo cute but will quickly spiral out of control.  Walk him back to his room and tuck him back into bed.  If it comes to it, you much lock him in.  Give him one chance and if he comes back down again, put him back to bed and tell him you are locking the door (warn him on the first return to his room, too).


garciamarth said...

I have asked her some of these same questions when my kids were going through similar situations. All I can say is if I stuck with her recommendations she was right every time. It just takes consistency and sticking to it. You can do it! My daughter is messed up with the time change too and I am keeping her in her room till 7am. Just this morning instead of waking at 5 am she finally slept till 7am. It took 5 days. Hang in there!

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