Roxy Roo, Where are you?

Friday, November 11, 2011
i cant sleep
its so cold out tonight, i cant stop the madness in my head, so worried sick about you
knowing that at this moment you are not where you should be, curled up next to me
softly snorking in my ear
im praying someone took you home tonight and waiting to find me in the morning
and if they want to find me they will...
I wonder what to tell Nicky who says to you every day "I love you Roxy Roo, you're my best friend"
He says Roxy like its Froxy.
i've posted on the HOA, blogs, every local animal buisness Facebook page, emailed all the community groups i know, called all local vets, posted on craigs list, sent out a PetAmberAlert, search on your microchip
We've searched all the neighborhoods, asking anyone outside if they have seen you
Daddy and I spent hours in the greenbelt calling your name, desperate to find you before it got dark
Papa Bob put up some fliers already, Grandma booba called all the shleters...
Daddy walked up and down the neighborhoods, calling for you
we all love you
the door is open, we are waiting for you to come home
i've stood outside staring into the greenbelt, hating myself for no collar, KNOWING I could have kept you safe and I failed you
I'm staring into the greenbelt begging and praying for you to come home
In the morning we will put up fliers, hire pet search and rescue, we will walk up and down and all over again and do anything until you are home my baby
Roxy Roo, where are you? Be safe.


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