Monday, November 21, 2011
4 years ago this weekend, Dan drove me up to Marble Falls to meet an 11 week brindle Boston terrier Pup named "Emma". I did not want a Boston Terrier, I wanted a Fox Terrier, but with a new baby on the way and a house with 2 cats, we decided to check out a dog with a great reputation for liking cats and great with kids. (Ha! about the cats, Zeus!)

We saw her prancing around with her little sister, and she was as tiny and cute as could be. She turned to face me with 2 different color eyes, I was hooked, fell madly in love, and knew I wanted her. On the car ride home we named her Roxy. Roxy Roo. I even made up a song, "Roxy the terrier, had a blue and brown eye. With a button nose, she came to me one day..."

The Pet Detective said thast I represent the top 1% of people who go above and beyond to bring their lost pets home and I should be aware of that...even if she hasnt come back yet. KVUE was going to come out and do a news story about the extreme lengths I have gone to find Roxy.  Since she disappeared, I have spent more hours browsing internet sites for lost and missing pets, and  I am all too aware how many dogs go missing every day. It's not really news when one goes missing, so when KVUE asked me "why is Roxy so special (to do a news story on)," I let them know that she is special and worthy to me.

This is where I guess I have to put things into presepctive - I didnt lose a husband, or one of the boys...I didnt lose my parents, or my sister. I have my house and I am healty. I havent lost all my belongings to a fire, tornado, tusnami, hurricane, or earthquake. I have food and water, a job, and family near by. I have to be thankful and grateful for what I do have, but I am allowing myself to grieve for her this week.

I lost Roxy. And when she left, I think a tiny part of me was shattered and crushed.  I miss her so much. I miss her snoring. I miss her little bosy sleeping next to me. I miss her silliness, her companionship. I miss working with her in my lap. I miss hearing her, knowing she is near.I will wish with all my might that she comes back, I just miss HER.

I have to Thank all my friends, family, neighbors, and strangers that have put some much time and effort into helping me find her. I am not giving up. I will probably never stop looking for her. or loving her.

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