A Double Birthday

Thursday, August 11, 2011
{I am trying to catch up on my blog, so some of these happened over a month ago}
Double Birthday Party

Back in May I scheduled a joint birthday party at my house, 3 days before Luke was born.  I ended up cancelling it because it was just too much. I was fat, uncomfortable, and our huge 800 lb water slide still hadn't arrived (but it finally did yesterday!!) After Luke arrived, we rescheduled the party at a local bounce house called the "Hoppin' House" and I am so glad I did. We had about 25 kids and their parents for a Sunday morning party. The kids love to bounce and jump in the foam pit. We had cupcakes and pastries and really enjoyed the morning. The boys had fun with their friends, especially seeing their friends from school that they don't see anymore.It was such a fun time, that I am almost convinced to always do birthday parties at a place rather than at home. And I am also anxiously awaiting the time when they are all old enough to just drop them off for birthdays ;)


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