Due Date Twins!

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I seem to have a lot of weird coincidences when it comes to being pregnant and due dates. When I found out I was pregnant with Nicky I called my best friend to tell her I was pregnant. she hung up on me. called me back and told me she was too. It turned out we were 10 days apart. Her due date was the 28th, mine the 17th.  Nicky was born on May10th. A year later, one of Dan's best friend from college had triplets, born on May 10th.

They day we found out where were pregnant with Luke,  we had plans to see a movie with our next door neighbors, Alyse and John. It turned out to be one of those nights, when the baby sitter doesn't show up, the dog gets hives and I find out I'm pregnant. Pretty standard.

We called A & J and told them we could not see the movie but we wanted to see them to tell them some news. It turns out they had news too. After the movie they showed up and informed us they were pregant ! Dan and I sat there dumbfounded - this would be their first (after 5 years of trying) and we wanted to tell them we were on our third (dan just looks at me and I get pregnant.) It was an exciting night celebrating lots of good news for both families!

It turned out that not only were we both pregnant but we had the same due date: May 28th! However, Luke ended up arriving on May 18th, and Scarlett arrived June 1st, 2 weeks apart exactly. To make things even weirder, another one of Dans friends from college, Loren and Sarah had a Scarlett (yes! another Scarlett) the year before, ALSO born May 18th. weird huh?

anyways, getting Luke and Scarlett B together has been fun! Here are the two of them in all their newborn glory!

Scarlett: Luke raise your hands like this? You're not doing it right.
Luke: What team are you rooting for?
Scarlett: V for Vandegrift high school! Yay!
Luke: I have gas


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