Announcing Luke Anthony Abeling

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I keep every baby announcement I get. I put them in a photo album and I love to go back and look at them. I love stuff like this. Everyone should send me pictures, blogs, and videos. I love being apart of your life even if I am not there. That's why I love Facebook. And Instagram. And You Tube. I am a social network slut.

After placing my order for Luke's announcement last month, they finally arrived - I was thrilled. They turned out perfect and I was excited. I finally mailed them! I hope you all enjoyed them. Here they are !!

The announcement was a 5x7 printed photograph with a vellum overlay that gave all his stats that was removable. I thought it was different, a cool concept and design, and was a fun way to "announce" his arrival. 

You can see Nicky's here

and Brandon's here


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