Inside the head of Master Nicholas

Monday, August 15, 2011
Scene: Mommy just bought a cowboy hat
Nicky: Mommy, I don't like that
Mommy: Like what?
Nicky: Your Hat. I don't like you with hats.

Scene: Headed to our friends house
Nicky: What's that?
Daddy: Wine
Nicky: Why?
Mommy: Because we are going to our friends house, and it's nice to bring a present.
Nicky: But when my friends come to visit, they don't bring a present.

Scene: Hugging Nicky

Mommy: I love you, my baby
Nicky: I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy

Scene: Nicky always seems to find a "treat" no matter where it is hidden
Mommy: Nicky! Where did you find that?? {gummy bears hidden in Grandma Booba's room}
Nicky: Moooom, I have special eyes that find them
{like DUH, right?}

Scene: Nicky wants to play with some water balloon to throw at the ants outside
Nicky: Mommy, will you do two balloons for me
Mommy: Just two?
Nicky: Just two.
Mommy: Ok then.{hands him two water balloons}
Nicky: You're the best mom

Scene: Brandon snatches Nicky's new Rocks from the Inner Space Caverns
Nicky: {Screams like a little girl} Dad, get him! He took my rocks. He goes to TIME OUT.
Daddy: Brandon give those back!{Daddy chases him around the couch; Brandon laughing; finally captures B and gives rocks back to Nick}
Nicky: Dad! You saved the day!

.:The End:.


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