Happy 3 Months to Baby Luke

Thursday, August 18, 2011
So before I get to it. Remember THIS post? well I take it all back. LUKE is...well he is just so incredible and EASY.  I keep pinching myself, because I wanted and DESERVED an easy baby. I  found him. I love him.

Ok so back to my update - Today Luke is 3 months and no longer a newborn, but considered an infant! And a BIG infant at that. He is probably close to 18 or 19 pounds, well over the weight both Nicky and Brandon were at this time. He is already in the 95th percentile, and continues to grow so it will be interesting to see his stats at his 4 month next check up.

All this weight really means is that my back and arms HURT from carrying him. :) But he loves it - and he is calm. which is a big difference than my other two

Luke has graduated to the 3-6 month clothes and he may grow out of them before he even makes a dent in wearing them! I have a couple outfits I have to get him in before he is tooo big! I finally moved all of Brandon's clothes into Nicky's room - Brandon will be moving into Nicky's room in the next month (although Brandon wants nothing to do with Nicky's room - he LOVES his crib. Still at just over 2 never really tried to climb out. fingers crossed. Not sure how we will do this transition.)

In the last month, Luke has had some significant changes: he talks a lot (coos, gurgles, boos, agoos, and lots of hiccups.) He can roll over front to back, but not back to front. He's upper body strength has been good from the beginning, so he's had about 3 weeks of solid tummy time, and arm work. He gets stronger every day.

We do lots of arm lifts, pull ups, and baby calisthenics. Our main goal is to keep his head ROUND (I do not want to do a baby helmet again. I think its really hard  to avoid the flat head for babies that like to be swaddled and can't move. I think this must have contributed to Brandon's shape, and now it is a HUGE effort for us to prevent it from happening to Luke. Nicky was a beast and never sat still - he didn't have time for a flat head. We invested in some pillows specifically made to help babies avoid flat heads, so I hope it works. He already has a tiny flat spot, so we have to keep an eye on it. A side note, for the pother 2 boys we used the Amby hammock. It was recalled. It worked so well for Nicky but not Brandon.

Between 3-4 months is also the time both N & B started teething. I wonder if it will be the same for Luke. He has started to gnaw on his hands and your fingers, and he can bring things to his mouth now. I haven't felt any sharp points, but I am prepared for teething! He actually loves his swing, his play mat, his bouncy chair, his bumbo. Its really neat to have a baby you can put DOWN. and SMILES!

Last time I wrote a 3 month update, Brandon was not sleeping, i was on the edge of my rocker, ready to jump off a cliff...I am happy to report that LUKE sleeps :) He is wonderful. I put him down between 8-9 every night, swaddled like a little burrito and he sleeps till 4:30-5. I get him up to nurse, we lay back down he starts to eat, and we are asleep. The next thing I know its about 7 and its time to get up because B or N are awake. He is so so so so so wonderful. I probably get up more with Nicky and Brandon then Luke. Which KILLS me. I cant believe at 3 and a half, Nicky still has as many problems as he does. And for all the greatness Brandon does by going right to sleep, he gets up anywhere between 1 - 3 times a night.

I HAVE NOT SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT IN ALMOST 4 YEARS. that's ONE THOUSAND AND SIXTY DAYS. wow crazy. And here is some more math for you. Since I got pregnant in August 2007, I have been either pregnant or nursing  42 of 48 months. So let me tell you all HOW HAPPY i am that i am DONE. you'd think i would get off my ass and work out. Maybe next week.

Ok so one last thing I have to say. If you know my boys, then you know that my boys are "daddy's boys". Yes I know they love me, but Nicholas and Brandon think Dan is their Hero, and rightly so. Dan is such a great father. I am so lucky to have someone who is so interested, so happy, so loving, so patient, so forgiving, and so involved with the boys.

But Luke...Baby Luke LOVES me. I feel it. I know it. He adores me. He smiles right when I walk into a room, when he hears my voice. I know we have a special bond already. I was telling one of my best friends this afternoon, that I am so proud of Nicholas - he is so smart, so beautiful, and so amazing, it takes my breath away. Brandon is my precious precious angel; I want to hug him and hold him and make sure nothing hurts him so I can protect him forever.

And then there is Luke - he's mine. I finally feel in my bones that I have a baby that I can agree when everyone says - Boys love their Mommys. 

Here is my attempt at taking a really cool picture with all different onsiesonsie. And will try to recreate this picture at 6 months and then at a year. Tomorrow i will have his "monthly onsie" picture. 


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