13 Reasons Why I Love You, Banjo

Monday, August 16, 2010
Dear Brandon,

August 10th you celebrated your 13th month as part of our family, so here are 13 reasons why I love you:

1. I love how ticklish you are and your silly laughter
2. I love how you get goosebumps when I kiss your neck (just like me)
3. I love you you blow kisses and say "mwaah"
4. I love how you do your "lovefest dance" on top of me
5. I love watching you copy your brother and see how much you want to be like him
6. I love when you hug me and rest your head on my shoulder
7. I love you are when you climb to the top of everything with reckless abandon
8. I love how excited you are when we pick you up from school and run to greet us
9. I love your light blonde hair and stormy grey eyes, and how different you look than your brother
10. I love your chubby hands,  fat little toes, and your cute little butt
11. I love your temper and your concentration and your smile
12. I love how you subconsciously kick your leg when you are happy and content
13. I love you 13 hundred million trillion times to the moon and back

 At 13 months Brandon has conquered the word Hi, and mentioned in passing a handful of others, including, Mama, dada, bye, and up. he can sigh for more, wave hi and bye, blow kisses, and understand how to throw something away, ask for water/milk, and give us kisses. He has started to run on his little bow legs and wears a size 4 shoe. He is still in a size 6 - 12, but is starting to grow into 12 - 18. He is a very happy baby except when teething - he has 12 teeth in, and his incisors are coming in. And the last week, we've been successful having him sleep through the night. He is proving to be very difficult to wean off the bottle, and makes it known. He also has a penchant for the Nini, just like Nicholas. Still, he has not latched on to any toy, blanket, or bay like Nicky had at this time. He can play independently, but we are starting to see some separation anxiety and demanding behavior. He is very agile and has great balance and likes to stack blocks, play with puzzles and concentrates well.

I didn't have a blog when Nicky was 13 months, but this was what I wrote on my 13 month set in Flickr for Nicky.

Nicholas is 13 months now. He is growing so fast. he is currently wearing 12 - 18 and 18 - 24 months and a size 5 shoe. He will have to get a size 6 soon. He has 12 teeth, the 4 front and 4 bottom, and the 4 back molars. He is getting a full head of hair and its staying a light brown for now. He can walk up and down the stairs with a little help and tries to feed himself. he can sign language more and says More for more. he also says, mamma, dadda, car, cat, dog, bubble, ball, cracker, peach, up, bye, duck. he is such a bog boy!


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