From Treasured Memory to Art

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I've mentioned this before. When I was a little girl, my Grandpa Mario sang me a lullaby. He called me "his baby" and sat me on his lap and sang about my rosy cheeks and how I will always be that little girl of his. Growing up, I asked him to sing that song at my wedding. He promised. Sadly, he passed away before I got married. I was crushed. Halfway through my wedding reception, a wonderful and treasured voice started singing. My mom had found an old recording of my Grandpa singing "A Tiny Turned Up Nose" and made a CD of it.

My Grandpa sang at my Wedding! 
And I danced to it, singing along. 
It was a most treasured gift. 

I keep a copy of the words he wrote down and gave me when I left for college in 1994, along with a picture of him and Grandma Ellie in my wallet. For years now, I have tried to find a way to save these words in a special way. Recently I stumbled upon Barn Owl Primitives on Little Miss Momma's blog.

I instantly fell in love with the rustic homemade feel the signs evoke and I knew I had to have one made with the words from that song. I immediately contacted Kristi and placed a custom order. It arrived last week.

I am in LOVE!!
It turned out perfect. I can not wait to have another one made...I am already thinking about what i want it to say.


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