What do you do when it is 105 in Austin?

Thursday, August 19, 2010
It's hot during the summer in Austin
Highs even at night are still in the 80's
This is the first summer since I have been in Austin
That I have not been pregnant 
Or had a newborn
Last year was ridiculous
Cabin fever was at an all time high 
This was the headlines all over the news

"2009 is already the hottest summer in Austin's history — shattering the previous record — but the sweltering city might not be done setting dubious milestones in 2009. Two more days of triple digits will tie the record for the most 100-degree temperatures in a year: 69 days of lawn-killing, air conditioner-straining heat. A typical year has 12 triple-digit days."

Because of the last 3 years...
I have sworn off making a {future?} baby during the months of August  -  November

Thankfully, this year has been relatively mild;
lots of rain, the lake levels full, our grass is still green
and the temperature has stayed in the high 90s.
We knew August would get hot though...
and this last week has been HOT, hitting 105, with a heat index of 110.

After school, the boys head straight outside.
This is what we do until dinner.
Clothes come off
Everyone is wet
Who doesn't love an Austin summer?!!


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