Big Bottle News

Monday, August 30, 2010
Brandon isn't one to fuss over a horsey bay or blankie
but take away a Nini or Bottle and you will see the other side of my angel
a fiesty, strong, willful child.
The weaning of a bottle did not prove to be easy for either of us
Slowly the Dinner bottle disappeared
Then school Lunch bottle was replaced by a sippy cup
then at Breakfast.
The Nighttime Bottle was the last to go
And the worst one of all...
But he was a CHAMP
Today I threw them away!
Poof. Gone. Buh-bye
No more sour, clumpy milk bottles
No more formula milk spilled in my purses
No more surprises under my car seat

NO MORE BOTTLES  = New Purse For Mommy!


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