Tuesday, August 31, 2010
It's no secret, that we've been challenged to get Nicholas to sleep.
I talk about it here, here, here, here, here, and here.
Last week, against my better wishes and pleas, Dan turned Nicky's crib into a Toddler Bed.
My argument has always been,
"If Nicky doesn't sleep in his contained crib, why would he sleep in an OPEN big boy bed??"
Dan did it anyways.
The first night, as expected, Nicky got up 2-3 times
The next day, I screamed and yelled and gave up
But Dan did not
And that was the first and last time Nicky got out of bed
It's been 6 nights now
the last 5 nights....not a peep
crickets from up in Nickyland
Dan is finally on the board
Dan  - 1 , Vicci -  202874654
That means I'm still winning :)


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