A New Car?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Remember this picture?
Well, if you know me or been in my car recently
you know that it looks like bomb went off
Kinda like the PUFF explosion
but x's 20
with Thomas trains, books, crayons, cars, pool toys, socks, shoes, sippy cups,
and all sorts of food that B and N have thrown at each other
and got in the cracks
I'm not proud, I'm even grossed out at myself
and my lack of CARE for my beautiful car
I am even more terribly embarrassed because yesterday I had my car cleaned
and then I went to pick up Nicky (and Brandon) from school
Nicky climbed in
and he looked around the car - a couple times
he paused
looked at me very confused 
and said:
"Mommy, is this a new car?"
{Let me stop here...now maybe this is normal, maybe not. But he's TWO.  TWO!?! He surprises me everyday with his perception and mature thinking. You AMAZE me Nicholas! and I want to capture it all. Ok, Moving On}
I said:
"No Nicky, its not"
"Mommy, it smells yuck." 
{strong cleaners were used!}
But at least its clean.
For now...


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