27 months and counting

Friday, August 13, 2010
What our 2 year old says on a typical night at our house

I'm Nicholas Abeling Alexander
What do you have, Mommy?
Stop Mommy, I am talking to Daddy
Stop Mommy, I'm cleaning
Walk away Mommy
No Thank You Mommy
Daddy get Nicky, You get Brandon 
Daddy, please lay down with me
Stop crying Brandon, shhhhhhhhhh!
I have to go poo poo...
(followed by) 
Look, I went poo Daddy! I get a Poo Candy!
That sucks
That's yuck
That's funny
What's that?
Uno, dos, quattro, thank you.
{Ok the only said that once, but I still find it so funny}


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